Greetings, fellow pinheads, and welcome to Collect Bonus, a new pinball blog from the perspective of a competitive player working their way through the ranks. My name is Tyler, and I’ve been playing pinball for at least 15 years on and off but only 2 years competitively. I have yet to acquire a machine of my own, but I hope to change that very soon.

I follow a fair amount of pinball-related forms of media, and I feel that the landscape might benefit from my perspective. I have been playing long enough to understand that pinball is a game where many factors affect your play, and my approach to improvement is to try and isolate these factors to analyze their effects. From physical factors like stamina and alertness to emotional factors like anxiety, I hope to blog about my observations on how these elements will alter your play and how one might use these to your advantage.

Amidst these posts I also hope to cover local pinball news and events. Being located in New England, I am fortunate to have a decent pinball scene here, and I endeavor to provide a new look at it.

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