My Body Wasn’t Ready: Observations from 24 Continuous Hours of Pinball

(note: I apologize for the lack of photos in this post. I’m bad at remembering to take photos. If you’d like to see photos from the event, check out Gene X. Hwang’s site.) Before I get into too much detail, I need to say one thing: GET YOURSELF TO THE SANCTUM!!!! If you have the […]

Shooting Under Par: Pin-Golf and Playing for Something Besides Score

When I first started playing pinball, I couldn’t have cared less about score (unless I was playing a multiplayer game). The most interesting part of pinball to me was shooting difficult shots and making progress in the game. I didn’t know a ton about rules or modes, but I knew that progress could be made […]

Why match play? What makes Pin Maine-ia and Pinburgh so great?

Last Saturday, I had the good fortune to compete in Pin Maine-ia 12, a.k.a. the New England Pinball Championship. Pin Maine-ia is an annual event that this year took place in Gorham, Maine. I’d like to give my thanks again to John Reuter for opening up his home and his collection for this great event. […]